Frequently Asked Questions

What are live, active cultures?

Cultures, also referred to as probiotics and beneficial bacteria, are the microscopic bacteria that use the milk proteins and carbohydrates to grow yogurt. The bacteria grows at extremely fast rates, and after 5 hours fermentation reaches a final concentration of at least one million bacteria cells per gram of yogurt.

In addition to the required cultures, which are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, CherryBerry yogurt also has three additional probiotic strains, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis, and Lactobacillus casei. All this attention to quality ensures that you receive the healthy benefits of the living yogurt cultures in a creamy delicious frozen dessert.

Do CherryBerry sorbets contain probiotics?

No.  Sorbets are a dairy free dessert option, and therefore do not contain the live probiotics present in yogurt.  Since our sorbets are completely dairy free, they are a great option for any lactose intolerant customer!

Is CherryBerry yogurt gluten free?

Many of our yogurts are gluten free.  Flavors that are not gluten free include: Cookie Monster due to the REAL cookies blended into this delicious yogurt; Malted Candy Easter Egg (a seasonal flavor), due to its scrumptious malt; and Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel due to the real pretzel droplets.
California Tart & Italian Style Tart may contain traces of gluten and soy due to a flavoring in the product.

Which CherryBerry flavors contain egg products?

Most of the CherryBerry yogurts and sorbets are egg free, except the frozen yogurts Pumpkin Pie and Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun.  However, our Chocolate and Vanilla Custards ARE made from rich cream and real eggs.

What are CherryBerry’s hours of operation?

Hours of operation are dependent upon location and season.  Please contact the CherryBerry location nearest you for current hours.

How are CherryBerry No Sugar Added yogurts sweetened?

CherryBerry nonfat, no sugar added yogurts are sweetened with SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener.  SPLENDA®, also known as sucralose, is a no-calorie sweetener that can be used as part of a healthy diet to reduce the calories and carbohydrate from sugar that you consume.  It is made through a patented process that starts with sugar and converts it to a no-calorie, non-carbohydrate sweetener. The result is a very stable sweetener that tastes like sugar, but without its calories. After you eat SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener, it passes through the body without being broken down for energy, so the body does not recognize it as a carbohydrate.

How do I set up a fundraiser with CherryBerry?

Fundraisers or Spirit Nights are usually on weeknights during certain happy hours. During that time, most stores donate 10-25% of the TOTAL sales back to your organization or school fundraiser! Percentages vary by store and are sometimes related to the number of participants at your event. Please go to our events page for more information, or contact the location nearest you for more information.

Does CherryBerry host parties?

Yes, many CherryBerry stores have a party room specially built to host your group gatherings!  These rooms can be reserved at no cost to you by contacting your location.  Our stores also provide a fun place for birthday and team parties!  Please visit the events page to find out about party options and pricing available!

How can I apply to be a part of the CherryBerry team in my area?

Apply to work at any CherryBerry location by simply printing, completing, and taking your application to the location of your choice!  To access the application to print and to find out more information, go to our Careers page.