Valentine’s Day With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is almost here and there are so many ways to celebrate! Whether you’re hosting a kid party, going to a sweet gathering, or just looking for Valentine’s card boxes, we have the inspiration for you! Here are 10 celebratory ideas for you and your family to try this year:

  1. Make a paper heart scavenger hunt. Have all the clues heart themed, or color coded, and hide them all around the house for your kids to find!
  2. Bake some heart shaped sugar cookies and have different decorating stations, one for icing, one for toppings and one to take a picture with their creation! You could also do the same with pizza dough and have a pizza party!
  3. Host a Valentine’s movie night. Whether it’s a slumber party or just a fun afternoon you can pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie as a family.
  4. Make a candy structure from heart shaped gummies and toothpicks, and whoever can build the tallest free-standing structure wins!
  5. Have a family froyo date! Check in with your local CherryBerry for special offers and events to celebrate the holiday. Or take froyo to go and enjoy it at home!
  6. Play pin the heart on the cupid. Whoever gets the heart closest to cupid’s arrow wins!
  7. Make Valentine’s card boxes for school celebrations. Break out the scissors and glue and get ready to be creative!
  8. Volunteer at a local organization like the Food Bank or Humane Society. Your caring gestures don’t have to be limited to your family, there are always worthy causes in your area who need an extra pair of hands.
  9. Design and create festive t-shirts. Use heart stencils, puff paint and markers to make your own holiday-themed shirts. These can be worn to any Valentine’s Day parties or events you attend!
  10. Play Valentine’s Day BINGO to get in the spirit of the day!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas and decorations!