We’re Going Nuts For Soft Serve!

At CherryBerry, we love to try new things! This month we are excited to announce the newest flavor to join the frozen family is Silk® Vanilla Almond Milk Soft Serve!  This new flavor is the first non-sorbet, dairy-free option in our lineup.  Made with real Silk® Vanilla Almond Milk, this soft serve is delicious when paired with your favorite chocolate toppings or fresh fruit, with just a hint of vanilla and almond. Or try it in one of our 16 new Super Swirls! We strive to provide options for everyone in your family and accommodate their nutritional needs as best we can, because everyone should be able to enjoy a frozen treat now and then. Come visit us and give it a try, Silk® Vanilla Almond Milk is now swirling at select locations.

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