A Healthy Treat For Everyone

We all know frozen yogurt is tasty, but did you know it can be healthy too? Our frozen yogurt is packed with 100 million Live and Active Cultures per gram, which is 10x the amount to be considered yogurt! These Live and Active Cultures can provide digestive support by decreasing the lactose content of yogurt, which may also help lactose-intolerant customers enjoy our yogurt without discomfort. Some frozen yogurt manufacturers add powered cultures to their yogurt, but ours occur naturally though the fermentation process!  Frozen yogurt can also help with body immunity, which comes in handy during flu season!

Looking for something besides yogurt? We also carry a line of non-dairy sorbets which are vegan friendly! Made with no artificial colors or flavors, our sorbets are fabulous when paired with fresh fruit or granola for a tasty treat.

With offerings for everyone, we look forward to serving you and your family!

*Please be sure to review all nutritional information before indulging