Celebrate Dad This Weekend!

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate not only our own Dads but all the men in our lives—grandfathers, uncles, step-dads and anyone who has been a role model. Even as children grow up and move on, we want to take a minute to recognize some of the many reasons that Dads are special:

  1. They make us laugh—a good Dad joke can always lighten the mood (or make us groan!)
  2. They’re great teachers—whether it’s identifying bugs or teaching us how to change a tire we know Dad is always up for a “teaching moment”
  3. They are always up for an adventure—from hikes to making a new recipe, Dads love to try new things
  4. They know family is key—they’re always putting the family before everything else, because a good family bond always provides love and support
  5. They give great advice—whether it’s to always be yourself or to never eat yellow snow, Dads are a fountain of knowledge!
  6. They give great hugs—from an arm around the shoulder to a giant bear hug, there’s nothing like a good Dad hug
  7. They encourage us—to challenge ourselves and try something new. It’s okay to fail because Dad will be there to help.
  8. They embarrass us—sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not, but either way we appreciate the effort!
  9. They always have our best interests at heart—they’re always watching our backs and keeping us safe
  10. They love us—from day one they have been there, and we couldn’t be more grateful


Happy Father’s Day to all Dads! Celebrate with the family at CherryBerry this weekend, or give the gift of CherryBerry with a gift card to go. Either way, show Dad some love, it’s his day after all!