No Tricks, Only Treats With These Spooky Swirls

We keep a fully-stocked toppings bar year-round, but the Halloween season is an excellent chance to indulge in all your favorite candies. With so many flavors of yogurt, there are a seemingly endless number of possibilities for building the perfect spooky swirl. From chocolate candies to gummies and nuts, we can help you find a treat for every ghost and ghoul in your family. Check out these frightfully delicious combos to try during your next visit:

The Trick-or-Treat—Swirl Chocoholic frozen yogurt with candy corn, Snickers ™, Kit Kat ™ crumbles and Reese’s Pieces®, for the ultimate candy experience. You won’t need to go door to door for this treat!

Mummy Madness—Start with Alpine Vanilla frozen yogurt and top with white chocolate chips, shredded coconut, mini marshmallows, and whipped cream. For an extra spooky swirl top your cup with raspberry drizzle.

Tombstone Swirl—Swirl Fudge Brownie Batter frozen yogurt and add gummy worms, marshmallow pieces, chocolate chips and crushed Oreo® cookies for a combo that’s definitely a graveyard smash!

The Mad Scientist—Start with Cookie Madness frozen yogurt and add frosted animal crackers, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and whipped cream for a crazy tasty swirl!

Jack-o-Swirl—Swirl Pumpkin Pie frozen yogurt and top with cheesecake bites, white chocolate chips and whipped cream, no carving required!

FrankenSwirl—indulge in one of our unique Froyo Smash sandwiches. Ask your local store for current their pre-made selection, or make your own! Try swirling Pistachio Gelato between two Double Chocolate cookies and coat with crushed Oreo® cookies for a reengineered take on a classic treat.

Next time you’re in, try out one of our spooky concoctions and share your experience with us on Facebook and Instagram @cherryberry4all. We hope everyone as a fun and safe Halloween!